Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Mt Timpanogos 2009

So, we had procrastinated our annual hike up Mt. Timpanogos this summer. September rolled around, and we decided we would give it a go on our anniversary (October 3rd). We also decided that we'd try and get to the top, as last year I was not prepared for the hike, and barely made it up to the lake (pics here).

A few days before our hike brought on a huge snow storm. This is what the mountain looked like the day before the hike:

Night before the hike, I was surprised with my anniversary present - a Canon Rebel T1i camera! Isn't she a beauty??

Got up at 5 AM on the day of, and were up to the mountain parking lot by 6:30. Here's the first shot of the day (forgive the quality, I hadn't had time to play with the camera settings, and figure out how to take a good pic in the dark).

We were treated by an amazing sunrise! I think Luke was starting to regret the camera gift as I kept turning around to take pictures!

Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

Our first view of Stewart Falls:

One of my first goals w/ my new camera is to learn how to take great moving water pics!

Hmm, frozen waterfalls at the bottom of the mountain? Should have taken that one seriously...

This moss-covered rock area was so breathtakingly green!

Our annual Stewart Falls pic :)

Fall and winter in one shot!

This picture doesn't quite do the autumn colors justice.

The sky was incredible this morning!

Wolf rock!!

Valley shot.

The Mine:

Yup, that's where we're headed!

Another frozen waterfall. Catching onto a trend?

The basin - I took some great shots here and even made a panorama, but I couldn't upload it for some reason :(

Walkin' in a winter wonderland.

Gettin' stuck in the snow...not fun! It was over a foot high in some places.

Emerald Lake

First view of the valley from the saddle at the top:

The VERY top of Timp, looking down. This is Emerald Lake.

Some awesome shots up there!

If it wasn't so cold and stormy, it would have been so nice to stay up there. But the wind was insane, and we were freezing.

Yes, that's a snowstorm rolling in...

Plus, I was so ready to be off that mountain! My stomach had been clenched in fear for the last 3 hours as we made our way up to the top. It was pretty much straight up cliffs the whole time.

Did I mention that I have this insane fear of heights???

Our home. So close, yet so far away. I thought about waiting at the top for a helicopter to come pick me up. Luke wouldn't let me.

Utah Lake

Seriously though, it was so beautiful!

Aragorn and Luke - thank goodness I had these guys there or I would have probably died. Luke kept me from falling off the mountain by holding my hand (dragging me?) the whole way up, and Aragorn was there to make me laugh when we got to the top.

Yes, this is the best shot we got...we were like, Hurry! Take the picture, and let's get the hell out of here!

And now we have to go all the way back down!! This is a shot of the snow-covered boulders, which bruised all of my toes.

Really not that excited about the long road ahead.

Tryin' to beat the snow!

The Glacier - oh how I wanted to slide down so badly and save ourselves an hour or two!

The hut! The blessed hut! We finally got to eat our lunch at 3:00!

I shed a tear of joy at this sight, so happy that it wasn't actually winter yet where we were going!

I got so tired of slipping on the ice that I started sliding down the mountain like this. Four-year-0ld tennis shoes FTL :(

Really mad at the never-ending snow!

Little coney - the only wildlife we saw.

I survived! Even if my nose didn't.

Ok, enough pictures. Time to be home already!

Stewart Falls

I totally thought I saw a moose below the falls. Ran up the hill toto get Luke, and when we got back, he looked through the camera, and told me it was a hole in the mountain. I was crushed :(

Tired much?

Yep that's the moon.

We got to see the sun rise and set on this mountain.

That's a really long time to be hiking...about 13 hours.

Luke shooting the birds.

It was a really nice night, even if we were beyond ready to be home.

Amazing moon shot!

We got to the car, called Carrabba's and ordered takeout. We picked it up, ate in front of the TV, got in a hot bath, then crawled into bed. Happy Anniversary :)

Probably not the smartest thing we ever did, and from the time we got to the hut on the top of the mountain to the time we got home, Luke kept apologizing for making me do it. I can't say I would voluntarily choose to do this again in these conditions (snow on the ground, storm rolling in, bad shoes, somewhat not quite in shape). But looking back I am glad I did it. The pictures are absolutely amazing, and being able to spend the day with Luke out in nature was fun, even if not my first choice for ways to spend my anniversary. Next year, Hawaii?

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