Sunday, January 18, 2009

Girl's Night Out

Metro Station Concert - Tuesday November 18th 2008
We had such a blast at this concert! The music was awesome and the crowd was hoppin'. There were a few injuries, but nothing too serious. Mostly, it was just a lot of fun!

On our way there, me and Hannah were so pumped up!

Valerie's hand and Sharlee

Party girls!

Here we go!

After the show, we were so wired, and so sweaty!

But it was so much fun!

Me and Valerie (as photogenic as ever)

Such an awesome night!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Unexciting January Update

So, it's 2009. I've already broken my resolution to post a new picture every day on my flickr blog. Haha! Oh well!
I've been working a LOT more, as I've stepped into my role as the assistant manager at the office. It's good, but it's tiring. Luke's been just as busy at his job. Between the two of us, when we're not at work, we're really boring. Just unwinding, playin' games, reading. Not a whole lot worth writing about.
But I plan on getting back to the blogging, and coming up with creative and witty things to post about soon! I've also got quite a few new recipes to give a go as soon as I have time to clean the kitchen. Plus, I promise to take TONS of pictures while we're on our trip next month in Orlando!!
Hope all is well with all of you!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Welcome 2009

Overall, 2008 was a great year for me! I feel like I was blessed in so many ways:

Continued happiness in my marriage and w/ myself
A great new position in my job
We bought a new car!
I lost 34 lbs (plan was to lose 30) - see post:
I made so many new friends via my new obsession w/ blogging!
I discovered some great new recipes - see my blog:
I was able to work on my photography skills
I feel so much healthier (when I follow my IBS diet....)

I am so excited for the new year. In 2009 I hope to be able to:

Tone my tummy and arms, as well as maintain my weight
Build a food storage and emergency supply
Read more new books - I have a tendency to revisit old favorites
And, keep up my "Happiness Along the Way" photo journal daily:

Here's to a great new year!!!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

How I lost 34 lbs in 2008

As many of you might have noticed, 2008 was a great year for my body! Not only am I feeling better, I'm looking better too *wink*
I've had quite a few people ask me how I did it, and so I thought I'd post that here. I truly believe that my weight loss was a combination of work, discipline, and luck-sort of. My body has been through a lot over the last few years (mainly health/emotional issues), and though I've tried many times to lose the weight I've put on over those years, I was unsuccessful until this summer.
I believe that in order for one to lose weight, things have to come together just right, or align, if you will. This year, I was able to do the following, which I think led to the "alignment" of my body's elements, promoting weight loss:

*Removing antidepressants/anti-anxiety medications from my system
*Getting off birth control (implementing the Fertility Awareness Method:
*Getting on thyroid medication (for borderline low thyroid, smallest dose)
*Exercising regularly (3-5 times a week, 30-60 minutes a day, combining cardio, weight lifting, and toning)
*Eating healthy (for me, more complicated than most - continuing a gluten free diet, and also implementing a dairy free and low-fat diet. No, I didn't calorie count. No, I didn't skip dessert. I merely monitored my portions, listened to my body to tell me when I'd eaten enough, ate my sweets earlier in the day - usually around lunch time, ate lots of fruits and veggies, avoided red meat, took fiber supplements - due to the IBS diet I follow, and drank LOTS of water - we're talking 12-16 cups a day - crucial for the amount of fiber I consumed.)

With all these "stars" in my life aligned properly, I was able to go from 150 lbs to 116 lbs!