Monday, August 25, 2008

Hiking Mt Timpanogos - August 24, 2008

Luke and I at Stewart Falls


Halfway to the top!
Look it's the lake! Oh wait! Just kidding!

Me and Luke at Emerald Lake.

Luke and the mountain goats.
Me and the mountain goats.
Baby goat!
Emerald Lake - So amazingly beautiful. And,yes that is snow in the background.
I waded in to cool my legs, and ended up falling on my butt in the water. It was freezing!
Mountain goat family nap time.

Wow we still have to go back down!

Uh, welcome home...

Don't know WHAT we were thinking doing this! Overall, it was a very difficult and very beautiful hike. My legs haven't forgiven me for it though. We had fun (mostly) and may do it again sometime in the distant future. Only this time, we'll bring a sleeping bag and more food, so we don't have to do it all in one day.

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Kari said...

Hey Stephanie! I found this through facebook. I loved your pics. i haven't hiked timp forever but i remember being super sore afterward too. We have a blog too.