Friday, February 19, 2010

Carnival Cruise 2010

At long last, here are the pictures from our trip! Enjoy :)

Our ship, the Conquest

Barely on the boat, and already hittin' up the bar
(for a Dr. Pepper, of course!!)

View from our balcony

I'm on a boat!!

Game's on

Dolphins following us out to sea

Found the food already?

Our first day at sea

Good morning cruise life!

Luke and Kim owning the ping pong tournament

Anyone surprised? Didn't think so ;)

Formal night #1

Aaron & Sarah, Todd & Brenda, Kim & Sandy, Luke & Stephanie

So cute!

The theater

Watching movies every night! Great fun!

Second day at sea...spent soaking up the sun

Luke's raptor impression (I think he was hungry...)

Another gorgeous day!

Eating ice cream...caught in the act!

Waking up in Jamaica

Ya mon!

Hiking Dunn's River

Lol! Future Walmart!

Fruit vendor on the side of the freeway

Yes, the water really was this blue!

So that's what Jamaican school kids look like :)

This guy was selling hot peanuts in the middle of the road...

Gotta love the reminders of home out here!

Angry pirate made an appearance here when Luke's sunglasses broke.

Montego Bay

Bring on the Cayman Islands! Arrrrr!

This picture rules!

Luke the fish

Getting sunburned at Seven Mile Beach

So beautiful!

Formal night #2

Bon Appetit

Viva Mexico!

Creepy pirate dude

Waitin' for our ride

Cruisin' in the dune buggy

Here lizard, lizard

Dancing fish


My new friends

Punta Sur

El Caracol (lighthouse/weather station)

Livin' the good life!

Shell hunting

Dirty feet. Good thing I was wearin' my flippy floppies!

Visiting the lighthouse

View from the top

Haha! Sorry we are open :)

Another amazing day!

Getting back on the ship

Lazy morning

Shootin' some hoops

Poker winnings!

Creepy striped French men tryin' to steal mah money!

My new victory hoodie!

In line, getting more food!!

Does he ever stop??

Us with SuSu, our awesome server

My best friend Slavica. She took good care of me, helping me enjoy eating gluten free!

Check mate. Time to go home.

That's going to be us in a couple days...

Galveston. Just not as pretty anymore.

Back to reality

The end!

What an amazing trip!!!!!!

Hopefully, I will soon have my cruise/GF dining reviews online. Eventually. I promise!