Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Journal entry - October 22

Journal entry - October 22
Jesse is 9 months old now. I can hardly believe it! He is such a grown up little boy now, and so different from the baby he used to be.
I have finally finished recording Jesse's birth story. Luke and I were talking (because I had him read it), and it feels like that was a lifetime ago. It's crazy how much has happened since then, how much we have each changed. And at the same time, some of those memories are still so fresh. I think we both still have a lot of resentment toward the way things happened with getting Jesse here.
Jesse has got these funny little tendencies. He likes to look up at lights whenever we walk under them. He loves watching the fan in his room, especially when I've just turned it off and it's slowing down. Part of his nighttime ritual with Luke is to look at everything in the closet after we read Little Dinosaur. He likes to reach out for the hangers especially.
He has also started carrying things around in his mouth. He loves to chew on my nursing pads, and carries them like a little dog. He also carries around his puppy slipper and any socks he gets a hold of. I laugh, because it's so backward from the normal dog carrying socks and slippers around like chew toys.
He is so talkative and makes such cute and funny noises. He does his little "angry" breathing, but now he keeps his teeth clenched, and it's more of a spitty sound. He does a lot of spitty talking these days. He also clicks his tongue a lot, which is cute. If he sees me or Luke do it, he'll do it too..
He also likes to talk with his mouth full of food. He makes these bub bub sounds, and thinks it's hilarious when food comes out of his mouth. He also cracks up whenever anyone burps.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Journal entry - October 13

Journal entry - October 13
Jesse's had a harder time going to bed at night the past couple nights. He also wakes up 3 times most nights. I'm feeling like I'm not getting enough sleep, but it's been hard to try and go to bed when he does. I have so much to do, and it's not getting done.
Jesse is able to pull himself up to standing now without any help. He loves to use me as leverage, and once he's up, he'll bounce and dance and talk and try to get at anything within his reach. He also now sits up anytime he's awake in his crib. The other day, I had just laid him down for a nap. As soon as I moved my hands away, he rolled on to his stomach and pushed himself up. Once he was sitting, he woke up! It was really funny, other than him being too awake to fall back to sleep after that. 
He does this funny little thing where he will reach out to things he's interested in. He stretches his right arm out, with his hand open and his palm facing up or to the side. He looks like he's about to give a speech. It makes me and Luke laugh.