Sunday, October 25, 2009

My Cloud Fetish

Hi, my name is Stephanie and I am obsessed with clouds.

Yes, clouds.

Those beautiful, fluffy things up in the sky.

I realized just how addicted I was as I was searching through my
photo files this afternoon.
There are a lot of them!
And I do mean A LOT!
So, here I go...I am purging my system of clouds.

This is the base of Mt. Timpanogos
Mt Pleasant

Utah Lake
Destin, FL

Y Mountain
Stormy night

Bryce Canyon

Most of these are taken from my backyard.

Or when I'm driving on the freeway to work (very safely).

Or when we're on super long ATV rides.
Sunset clouds
Sunrise clouds

Rain clouds

Orange clouds

Purple clouds

Base of Timp clouds again
Moon clouds

Top of Timp clouds

I told you there were a lot!

Rainbow Clouds

Fiery clouds

Thanks for indulging. I feel much better, having shared my
clouds with the world :)


Anonymous said...

There are some unbelievable clouds there! Have you thought of submitting these anywhere?


Stephanie said...

Thanks Luke :)
I have no idea where I'd submit them. Plus, most of the ones I took in the backyard still have stupid powerlines in the way.
I'll look into it...

Linda said...

Those are some great cloud pictures!