Friday, March 15, 2013

I think someone is tired...

Here's a funny picture that I took yesterday. I've been trying to be more aware of his sleepy cues, rather than just waiting for him to fall asleep, so we can establish better nap times. I think its working so far!
We are also trying a couple other things - having him sleep exclusively in his swing (which really seems to help keep him asleep) and if he's not upset, putting him in the swing sleepy but awake. I'm liking the results! Last night, he slept for 11 out of 14 hours, including two 4-hour sleeps. It was incredible!!!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Cute Boy Sleeping

Somebody fell asleep while nursing...and didn't realize that he wasn't still enjoying lunch.

(hoping this video thing works - if so, I will share many more!)

I don't deal well with change...

I am finally starting to accept the fact that if I want to keep up with my blogs, which I do, I'm going to have to do it from my rocking chair. I have resisted this so far because the whole blogging by phone concept seems so, I don't know, untraditional to me. I like the idea of sitting down and typing everything up, and being able to see it all in front of me on my computer screen. It's what I'm used to, its what I've always done, I like doing it that way and I don't want to change. Now I sound like my grandma...who won't even turn on the computer she was given by her tech savvy sons, by the way.
For now, I don't think I get the luxury of blogging the "old fashioned" way. At least not until my baby is not nursing 12 hours a day...or maybe sleeping more, allowing me to actually sleep more too, and not spend every waking hour in a daze, trying to nap every time he does, and going days without showers or clean dishes.
So, here goes nothing ;)