Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

Found a visitor in my tomato garden
Beautiful day to be outside!
Packing for our campout...we discovered something interesting:
Mount Pleasant
Really didn't want to get rained on.
Luke and his dad

Gorgeous skies!

Hiking through the aspen grove
The clouds were insane!!
If you look closely, you can see a bee that met his match in the stinging nettle

Look Ma, no hands...or feet!

Calling Brady to check the score of the BYU game
Another beautiful cloud!

Back to the campground, just in time for a fantastic sunset!
A little worn and torn, but happy nonetheless

Building the fire

Yep, we love our fires. We're kind of pyros, but it's fun :)
This one made me laughApparently we were sharing the campground with a demonic owl
He scared me half to death!! Had to run and get my glasses so I could see him!
Big fire!
Eatin' our tinfoil dinners
I was so proud of my GF/DF smores, I had to take a picture! I roasted it in the tinfoil since we didn't have marshmallows big enough to put on a stick.
Telling ghost stories
Our beautiful car. Still in love :)
What are you doing taking my picture???
Not a morning person...

We came home from the camping trip, spent the day chilling and cleaning up, then we headed over to UVU for an amazing concert!
Waiting for the show to start
BLINK 182!!!
My man Mark Seriously, Luke still teases me about the moral delimma I had when I was 15. Blink and N Sync were both playing on the same night, and me and my friends had tix to see N Sync. My friend Audy and I were torn, b/c we loved Blink! I was so sad I missed my chance to see them :(10 year later....Wish granted!
It was just as good as I expected it to be!
And Tom was as much of a smartass as he was 10 years ago :)
The pics aren't great, but pretty good for a cell phone camera!
Travis' drum solo. They lifted him at least 50 feet in the air! It was incredible!

They played all our favorite songs

Such a great weekend!

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