Sunday, October 11, 2009

Payson Canyon Autumn '09

We took a drive up Payson Canyon to check out all the beautiful fall colors, and I wanted to play around w/ my new camera.
It was so incredible!

There were some amazing shots to be had

We got out to hike up to the grotto, with many stops for me to take pictures :)

Luke at the top of the waterfall

Us at the grotto

There was a cattle drive going through the middle of the parking lot when we hiked back down.

Enough pictures already!

P.S. So, the reason my vertical pictures look smaller than normal is because I was so excited when I found a way to enlarge the pictures I post on my blog, that I spent 10 minutes making all these pictures larger. Then, sadly, I realized that the horizontal pictures didn't fit on my page for some reason (they were cut off), so I had to go back and readjust them (10 minutes more!!). THEN I realized that the vertical pictures needed a different setting...but by this point I was too annoyed to figure out in the Html which ones needed changed. So, click on them to see them larger if you want. I'm done :P
This is the tutorial I followed. If anyone can figure out an easy way to adjust the size on the pictures here, I'd love that! Don't really feel like uploading all my pics to flickr or photobucket, which some people have suggested...

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