Friday, October 26, 2012

Passing the Test

The gestational diabetes glucose tolerance test, that is. And yes, I did pass! Hooray!

The night before was pretty rough. I was sick, and nervous, and rhythm stressed because I was sick and nervous. Needless to say, I slept pretty poorly, even by my standards of late.

At least it's gluten free...

Got up bright and early, determined to just get it over with. I headed to the lab (I was the first one there, so no waiting). The phlebotomists were really nice, and did a great job. Drinking the glucose was difficult for me, I really thought I was going to be sick before I even got it down. But I persevered, and managed to drink the whole thing. Then came the hardest part - the first hour of waiting. As soon as I sat down in the waiting room, I busted out the hypnosis tracks, and tried to focus on staying calm and relaxed, rather than feeling what my body was putting me through. It was difficult, but I managed to keep myself mostly there. When the first hour blood draw came up, I came out of hypnosis, and felt the full force of how reallllly sick I was. Almost threw up there :( Spent a few minutes in the bathroom calming down, washing my face and neck with cold water, and focusing on my breathing. Then I went to wait some more. Got back into hypnosis, and stayed there for another half hour or so.

Luke showed up just before my second hour draw, which was great. He really helped keep me calm. After they took my blood that time, I was actually feeling okay - as in, not like I was going to puke. Mainly I just felt exhausted. Like my body had given up fighting the sugar. I just had no energy. So I sat there, with Luke holding my hand as he studied, and rested. I tried to sleep, but it didn't work. I couldn't read (still too sick for that). So I just sat there. By that fourth draw, I was just relieved to be able to go home. I really wanted to sleep. But I forced myself to eat some breakfast - eggs, bacon and GF toast. Then I got sick all over again. So I laid down, and slept for a bit.

But! I managed to get through the day without throwing up! We survived! The little guy was super active the whole day. I'm pretty sure he loves sugar as much as his dad ;)

I'm really glad I was able to use my hypnosis to get through the hardest parts. I think it was a good exercise for what is to come. I feel pretty great about the next three months.

Now I want to celebrate! Milkshake maybe? Too bad I kind of killed my appetite for my favorite Jamba Juice after my initial test last week :P

Drank this for the initial screening test. It was so good, and so hard!

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