Monday, August 31, 2009

Before and After

I've followed the blog "I Heart Faces" for awhile, but never participated in a challenge. This one caught my attention, as it is one that I've been noticing about myself lately.
The theme is "Before and After" and the focus is the difference in photographing/editing skills. Since I don't have all that much experience to draw from, I will post my favorite pics from the two weddings I have done in the last year.

BEFORE: The first set of pictures is from my sister-in-law's wedding. This was the most "professional" gig I'd ever done, and I was scared! The bride and groom are a cute couple, which definitely helped make the pics. This day was a turning point for me. It made my dream of being a "real" photographer a whole lot realer.

This pic is so cute! But the shadows on their faces! I wish I had known how to avoid that.
I love this pose. Since doing this shoot, I've developed my photoshop skills, and would love to edit this pic to make their eyes jump out. And make it less pasty. And if I could, give the groom back the top of his head :P
This of my favorite pics. She was tossing her bouquet. It was dark, so of course, noob photographer that I was, I had my flash on. I wish I had known enough about the camera I was using (borrowed) to get rid of the flash.

AFTER: The challenge said to use photos that were taken in August...but as I haven't had time, nor a camera, I have not been doing much in the way of taking pictures. So, this is my most recent work. I LOVED working with these guys! They were so fun, and so cute together. Since this was a paying gig (for a friend's brother), I did a lot of reading up on photoshop editing. I think it helped. I think these pictures are more professional-looking.

Bride and her dad. I really love this pic. Maybe it's because I'm a daddy's girl myself. There was no way to get rid of the people in the background, so I just blurred them out.
I adore this picture! It reminds me of when I first fell in love with my husband. I think the angle is great, it's crisp, and I chose to do black and white b/c the groom was really nervous and had some red splotches on his face.
This is my absolute favorite picture! I love everything about it. Except that they're squinting. But I enhanced the eyes to help them stand out a bit more.

I'm posting these because I feel like I've improved my skills as a photographer and an editor. What do you think? Of course, I know I have a loooooong way to go still, and would love feedback, both on what I've improved on, and tips on how else I could improve.
Thanks for stopping by :)

PS: Not related...anyone know how to make the pictures posted on my blog bigger? I have it set to the highest size, and yet, they're still smaller than I'd like. Is this just a thing, and I have to deal w/ it?


shopannies said...

great pictures looks like a truly wonderful day

Jessie said...

Great shots! The secret to big pictures is to upload them to photobucket, and then from there upload them to blogger. You resize them in photoshop to the size you want them, then upload to photobucket. From there, upload the Direct Link to the Upload from Web option. Does that make sense?