Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Oregon 2009

We went out to Oregon at the beginning of the month to celebrate my little brother graduating. We got to spend some great time with family and at the Oregon Coast. Ate lots of great food too (will post about that on my food blog later). It was a great trip!

We went and saw the movie "Up" with my dad. We both really liked it! These are our 3-D glasses from the show.

Portland is known as the City of Roses, and of course we had to partake! The next few photos are from the Rose Gardens. It smelled so good and all the roses were breathtakingly beautiful! We hit it at the perfect time.

Couldn't resist spying on this little guy while he worked.

I WANT this rosebush in my yard! The roses were gigantic, and they smelled simply divine! This one reminds me of a silky dress.

It was a bright, beautiful, sunny day...which is why we look like we're scowling.

Luke and me

Dad and me

View of the city

Here we are right before heading to the graduation. We could not stop laughing! Which was fun...but doesn't make for the most flattering photos :)

Family hug!

My brother with Mom and his girlfriend

Right after the reeeeeeally long graduation ceremony

Luke and I got to spend some time at Cannon Beach. We were trying to get a sunset in, but the clouds weren't cooperating. It was still really beautiful and fun! Not to mention the great food :)

We got to see the end results of the annual sand castle competition. There were some awesome formations! We decided to take a few pics, but couldn't resist adding ourselves to the scenery.


Luke making his "thug life" face...

Me with some really scary looking dwarves

We decided it would be fun to have pictures of us touching the Pacific ocean one weekend and the Atlantic the next (we were in FL the week after). The water was too cold to swim in, but we did our best...and then it attacked Luke.

Haystack Rock

It was a fun trip, w/ lots of laughs, and it was great to catch up w/ the family.

Florida pics coming soon :)

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