Friday, June 26, 2009

Destin, FL - June 2009

Luke and I had the opportunity to spend some time out in Destin, Florida in June. Luke had a couple of trade shows to do for work, and we thought it would be fun if I tagged along. It was a great trip, with lots of time at the beach, lots of good food, and an overall relaxing week!

The water was so beautiful and green!

We found these great goggles and a blow-up raft (our refugee cruiser) at the store, and they were so much fun! Luke was looking for seashells for me (but had a hard time finding any that weren't inhabited).

Floatin' on the raft Working on a tan

Perfectly blue-green waters
Lookin' good, shades :)

(Check out the guy with the "Jesus shoes" in the background)
The Hilton (not where we stayed...where we worked, but got free beach access)

Yes, I did coordinate so that my swimsuit would match the water...

We're so hot!!

So bright...can't see...
Luke relaxin' in the room
Front row seats

It was so breathtaking, the way the water reflected the setting sun.

This guy hitched a ride on the antenna of the Starship Enterprise (our massive minivan).

Golf course at our resort
Working hard, or hardly working?

View of the pool at night

The bathroom, where I ate my GF tuna sandwiches so Luke wouldn't wake up from the smell :P
Our room
The resorts all had these speed limit signs with random numbers like 12 and 23....very weird.

Our favorite place to eat - Another Broken Egg Cafe
Baytowne Village

Baytowne Wharf

Amazingly white sand

Our favorite shop!

The only good thing about Alabama was that we drove past the Blue Cross headquarters, and I got to make rude gestures at them for all the grief they've been giving me at work lately!
So sad...time to go home
We had such a great trip!

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