Sunday, May 24, 2009

New Ring

Here's how awesome my husband is. We've been ring shopping for the last few months, and I finally found a ring I really loved. I couldn't stop visiting the jeweler to take another look at it. Well, I went back to the shop last week, and the ring was gone! I was so upset. We'd talked about how we were going to buy it in I didn't even suspect. Luke had done a good job of convincing me that we were going to wait, that we had to wait. Anyway, I was so upset all week, b/c they told me at the shop that it would probably be a few weeks before a new ring was shipped in. I'd wanted the ring before we headed out to Oregon next month. I seriously was so depressed (things have been pretty stressful at work lately, and this didn't help).
Then, this weekend rolled around. Luke told me we had plans. He wouldn't tell me what though. So, we started the day on Saturday with a hike through Timp Caves. That was fun, but tiring (pics to follow, soon). Then, we headed up to SLC, where we went and saw Angels and Demons (good movie, btw). We had dinner at Johnny Carinos, which was pretty good (even though our server kinda sucked).
After dinner, Luke blindfolded me, and we headed somewhere (with me slouched in my seat, so no one would see me in such a state :P ). We stopped, he helped me out of the car, and down a path. I could hear water, lots of it. I had no idea where we were. Then....he proposed to me :) Yes, I know, we've been married for 5 1/2 years. But technically, I was never really proposed to....He's so awesome. I totally wasn't expecting it. But it was perfect. Of course I said yes :D

Turns out we were at the Castle Creek Inn in SLC, a B&B where we've stayed a couple of times since being married. They have the most beautiful little garden in the back, complete with several waterfalls. The rest of the night we chilled in our room, watching movies and soaking in the tub. Next morning, we had a great gluten free breakfast, then headed home.

Yes, my husband is the best!

Click on the pics to see them close-up, they're much better :)


Jaron and Michelle said...

That is such a pretty ring!! How exciting for you!!

Jessie said...

What a beautiful ring, and such a romantic story! You are one lucky girl.