Friday, September 26, 2008

Uintas Backpacking Trip 2008

Hm, I never posted pics from our Labor Day trip to the Uintas. I think I was waiting for Luke's brother Brady to send me all the pics they took...but wedding stuff happened, and I guess it was forgotten.
I also thing I may have blocked the weekend from my memory.
So, I have a few. Not as many as I would have liked, but then again, I was merely trying to survive this weekend...documenting wasn't really on my mind.
By the way, we went through Hades' Pass down to Granddaddy Lake (I think it was 10 miles round trip).

Here ya go:

Luke carried in most of our equipment. His pack weighed over 50 lbs. I'm too embarrased to share how much mine weighed.
Millie was very much in her own little world (that would be the "I'm engaged, and getting married in 2 weeks" world).

Lynnsay found a tree that totally made up for Brady carrying in a broken chair.

Dad taking a nap.

The lake was sooooo cold! But it was beautiful.

Me debating whether to get in the lake or not. I decided against -- it was too slimy :P
Brady sitting on the diving board.

Luke :D


Campfire (with flash).

Pretty little stream.

Sunset on our way home.

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