Monday, August 25, 2008

Bryce Canyon July 2008 Pictures

Funny how you can go somewhere every year of your life...
and still manage to find so many pictures worth taking!
The Queen.
Beautiful blue skies.

Feedin' the fire with pinecones.

This squirrel couldn't get enough sunflower seeds!

Great hiking weather.

Tree-Sniffer..."aaah, smells like vanilla"

That boy and his camera!


Quite an arm on this little man!

Bein' shy :)

Playing Ball.


Tamra's favorite part of being at Bryce Canyon - Afternoon naps!

The Aviator.

Just waiting for the storm to pass.

Keep out of Ken's Kitchen!

Dinner time!

Smile for the camera guys!

People stacked thousands of these little hoodoo people through the canyon.

Me and David in the family photo cave.

Stopped by the Lavender Farm in Mona on my way home.

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