Friday, January 2, 2009

Welcome 2009

Overall, 2008 was a great year for me! I feel like I was blessed in so many ways:

Continued happiness in my marriage and w/ myself
A great new position in my job
We bought a new car!
I lost 34 lbs (plan was to lose 30) - see post:
I made so many new friends via my new obsession w/ blogging!
I discovered some great new recipes - see my blog:
I was able to work on my photography skills
I feel so much healthier (when I follow my IBS diet....)

I am so excited for the new year. In 2009 I hope to be able to:

Tone my tummy and arms, as well as maintain my weight
Build a food storage and emergency supply
Read more new books - I have a tendency to revisit old favorites
And, keep up my "Happiness Along the Way" photo journal daily:

Here's to a great new year!!!!

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