Sunday, January 5, 2014

Journal entry - January 4

Journal entry - January 4

Jesse's words:
Most of the words he says are some variation of bu or wa, but he's getting better at communicating. Mama is his general word for expressing upset or asking for something.
Book (bu)
Bath (ba)
Ducky (du)
Beep -as in, anything that beeps, mainly the microwave (bu)
Laundry - whenever he sees the washer or dryer (wa)
Water (wa)
Bottle (ba)
Ball (ba)
Wash - he says this (and reaches for the cloth) when he's done eating because we wash his face with a washcloth (wa)
Food (Ff)
Up (uh, or mama)
Dad (da or dad)
Kitty (Kk)
Tree (Tt)
Light (Tt)

He recognizes a lot of words too, even if he's not saying them. And after 7 months of trying to teach him sign language, finally he will sometimes make the sign for more when he's eating.

He loves walking with his walker toy. I think it really gave him the confidence he needed to try walking on his own since it happened about a week after he started playing with the walker).
His new favorite thing to do with his walker and his learning table? Turn them over. Lol!

His favorite food is still green beans. He now will smear them all over the top of his sippy cup to let me know he's done eating.

He still loves water in every way. His new favorite thing is to try and drink from mom or dad's cup. He's actually gotten pretty good at it, although it usually ends up with us all getting soaked.

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