Sunday, February 15, 2009

Walt Disney World Trip 2009

It was only a little cold to be driving around with the top down.

Aladdin and Jasmine rode the Flying Carpets with us!

Ar, we do be pirates at heart.

Hey, he said it, not me...

Luke fell asleep during the Small World ride. I took lots of pictures for him, but he didn't seem too interested.

Cinderella's Castle at night


Pink castle

Yay Epcot!

Mickey Mouse at the Garden Grill restaurant

Funny story. So I said, "Let's take a picture" and Luke said, "I wasn't ready, take another." So I did...

Then, when I saw his face in this pic, I said, "Let's take one where we're both being goofy."

Hm, we don't seem to be on the same page...

DisneyQuest Arcade

At Epcot

Yay for pirate hats!

Oh I make it look good!

This is my favorite picture of Luke :)

Epcot from China

Coral Reef Restaurant! Yummy!

Land, ho! Wait, what did you just call me?

At the Sunken Gardens, in St. Petersburg, FL

St. Petersburg, FL

Blond Pelicans!

The beach in Tampa Bay. It was so cold and windy (felt like the Oregon Coast to me). Luckily, I brought my winter coat with me. Unluckily, no one else did, so this was about all the beach we saw. Still beautiful though!


We loved the Toy Story ride. It was almost worth waiting in line for an hour.

Luke's favorite ride - The Tower of Terror

My favorite ride - The Aerosmith Rockin' Roller Coaster

An angry pirate...

(he's mad b/c I wouldn't go on the Tower of Terror again)

Toy Story ride again

My firework pictures didn't turn out very well, but this one of the moon and a palm tree looks pretty cool!

Hooray Animal Kingdom!

Luke and his dinosaurs

Yes, that is real fear in our eyes...

Jungle Safari Ride


Suntanning Crocodiles

We got really close to this guy


One of our other fave rides!

I got soaked on the Kali River Rapids

Not sure what kind of animal is in this picture with Luke...

Sleepin' Tiger

Another Sleepin' Tiger

Rawr :)

It's Brother Bear! Us with Koda and Kenai

Safari Mickey

Safari Minnie

Donald Duck

How hot are we?!

Back to the Magic Kingdom

We had dinner in the Castle! It was so fun!


We saw Beauty and the Beast - Live on stage. It was so awesome! Belle was the best!

Our pal Mickey

Posing with Mr. Incredible (and some guy in red spandex)

The Magic of Disney Animation drawing class

Yay for Aerosmith!

This place was so cool! It was like a real drive-in theater. We ate in the back of a car.

My totally awesome gluten/dairy-free dessert!

Hanging out in our room

Downtown Disney - gettin' in some last minute shopping before we had to catch our plane home. It was a totally awesome trip! We can't wait to go back!

Some of our favorite things:
*Our resort - Port Orleans (and the food there!)
*All the rides! Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, Expedition Everest, Rockin' Roller Coaster w/ Aerosmith, the Tower of Terror, the Teacups (just kidding, didn't do that one)
*Our killer pirate hats! We always heard the girls screaming for Captain Jack Sparrow when we walked by :)
*Cruising around in a convertible in the middle of winter (and we hit some record lows while we were there)
*Beauty and the Beast. We were very impressed by Belle, she sounded just like the movie!
*Mission: Space (well, I liked it, Luke didn't really)
*Lots and lots of great gluten/dairy free food!! See my food blog for a full, detailed review on our meals in Florida:


Christina said...

Sounds like you had a fantastic trip! Those pictures look great.


P.S. I can't blame you for not wanting to go on Tower of Terror again. It's my least favorite ride too!

Steph said...

It was an awesome trip!
I saw your pictures from Hawaii. That looked like a really nice trip as well. Was Piper as excited to see you guys as Aeris was to see us?

Yep, I went on it twice in two days. That was more than enough for me. Although, we did find the cutest "Tower of Terror" Disney version of the board game Clue in the gift shop.

Gwen Cross said...

I laughed til I almost cried when I noticed what was on Luke's shirt. WoW!!! Hahaha Love the photos, you guys look like awesome people :) WoW players are awesome people (except kiddies who corpse camp)